What are the terms and conditions of the money back guarantee on improvement?

We have worked with tens of thousands of families over nearly a decade and are absolutely confident that we can help your family get better sleep soon. So sure, in fact, that we back all consultations with a full money back guarantee on improvement. If you follow the method we decide on, reach out for support throughout the process, make the adjustments we suggest and still don’t see any improvements within a month we will refund your investment in full.

What is your equity discount?

We believe that sleep help is a basic right that all families should be able to access and although there are various public health options funded by Medicare to help families often the waiting lists are long and the help may not be logistically possible for some families. We want to acknowledge that not all families are able to afford the same help and in an effort to create equity and offer help to more tired families we offer reduced rates for marginalised, lower income families and/or healthcare card holders. In doing this we hope that all families have equal opportunities to help their children get better sleep soon. Contact us via email for more details. 

Do you only help babies?

No! In fact helping families held hostage at night by stubborn toddlers is kind of our thing… We work with families up to the age of approx 5 years and it’s very common for us to work with children 2-3 years of age.  

When can a baby sleep through the night? 

This can be a very confusing question for parents as even the medical experts don’t agree. The Baby Sleep Co. generally advises that a baby can normally sleep through without milk from around 7 months, but requests that clients check with their GP or Paediatrician if they are in any doubt. In some cases we are able to help babies from about 4 to 5 months consolidate longer chunks of sleep overnight between age appropriate feeds. 

What type of sleep training techniques do you use? 

We predominantly use two different sleep methods with differing levels of reassurance from caregivers but often tweak and adjust them to suit different families. We believe that each family is different and all have unique sleep problems and requirements which is why we will never offer a one size fits all approach. 

Do you use cry it out (CIO)?

Definitely not. Cry it out (aka CIO or extinction) is when the child is placed in their sleep space and left to ‘sort it out alone’ and not reassured throughout the process. It is important to us that your child is reassured while you work on their sleep so that they know their parents are here, they are safe and supported and everything is okay. 

Do you use controlled crying/controlled comforting/comfort settling/responsive settling techniques? 

Absolutely – they have their place in sleep training and anyone who claims otherwise is not being truthful. That being said they are definitely not our only techniques and we work closely with our families to work out what is going to work best for them. We aim to deliver sleep services that will benefit both the child’s and the parents’ lives and we won’t try to force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Both of the sleep methods we use have their pros and cons so we take the time to talk you through your options.

What is the right age to start sleep training? 

The right age to start is when you have a problem you can’t fix! Generally speaking, a baby is most likely developmentally ready to sleep through without milk from around 7 months of age but we can use sleep methods to consolidate longer chunks of sleep overnight while keeping in milk feeds from around 4 to 5 months of age (though you should always check with your GP or Paediatrician if you are concerned). We do not do any form of sleep training under the age of 4 months. Sleep issues can come up at any age, and we normally work with children up to their 5th birthday.

How does the sleep consultation process work? 

• Upon receiving your enquiry and booking a time for your consultation we will send you an invoice for the full consultation fee. If you would prefer to pay cash, that’s fine – you can pay on the day.

• We will then email you a brief questionnaire to get some background information on your child, your family and your situation. This questionnaire needs to be returned to us at least 48 hours before your consultation.

• We then attend your sleep consultation. This might be in home or over the phone, depending on your circumstances and what you chose. For in home consultations you will be left with The Baby Sleep Co. Sleep Guide which contains all of the relevant information we discuss (and more!) for you to refer to as you implement your sleep plan and for phone consultations we will email the relevant PDFs as references for what we discussed. 

• All 90 minute in-home consultations and 1 hour phone consultations come with a month email support as well as two 15 minute phone catch up chats to be used within the month after our consultation.

How many consultations will I need? 

Most clients only need one consultation to get their child’s sleeping back on track.  After your consultation you are armed with the knowledge and confidence to put new methods in place and start working towards a better night’s sleep with our support via email and phone catch ups along the way. 

Will I receive ongoing support? 

We hate the idea of clients being left alone after their consultation or having to pay for quick follow up tips! Every in-home and phone consultation comes with one month of email support as well as two 15 minute phone catch ups to iron out any issues you may be facing. 

I’ve already taken my child to sleep school with no success (or have tried a different online sleep program without success). What if this sleep training doesn’t work either? 

In our experience this doesn’t happen if the parents are persistent and consistent. The major difference between The Baby Sleep Co. and sleep schools is that the sleep training is done in your home where your baby or toddler is familiar with their surrounds. On top of that we take the time to explain the different options so you choose which sleep method gels with your parenting style and ensure that you are absolutely confident embarking on sleep training armed with all the information you need to see it through successfully. Most families we work with have purchased and tried to implement an online ‘one size fits all’ sleep method with no success but then go on to get amazing improved sleep within a week of working with us.