When can a baby sleep through the night? 

This can be a very confusing question for parents as even the ‘experts’ don’t agree. The Baby Sleep Co. generally advises that a baby can normally sleep through without milk from around 6 months, but requests that clients check with their GP or Paediatrician if they are in any doubt.

What type of sleep training techniques do you use? 

We believe that each family is different and all have unique sleep problems and requirements. We pride ourselves on truly tailoring our sleep services to fit that family and having our solutions be something that the parents are comfortable implementing.

Do you use controlled crying/controlled comforting/comfort settling techniques? 

Absolutely – they have their place in sleep training and anyone who claims otherwise is not being truthful. That being said they are definitely not our only techniques and we work closely with our families to work out what is going to work best for them. We aim to deliver sleep services that will benefit both the child’s and the parent’s lives and we won’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. All of the techniques we use have their pros and cons so we take the time to talk you through your options.

What is the right age to start sleep training? 

The right age to start is when you have a problem you can’t fix! Generally speaking, a baby is most likely developmentally ready to sleep through from around 6 months of age (though you should check with your GP or Paediatrician to confirm that they’re on track with their growth charts). Sleep issues can come up at any age though, and we normally work with children up to their 5th birthday.

How does the sleep consultation process work? 

• Upon receiving your enquiry and booking a time for your consultation we will send you an invoice for the full consultation fee. If you would prefer to pay cash, that’s fine – you can pay on the day.

• We will then email you a brief questionnaire to get some background information on your child, your family and your situation. This questionnaire needs to be returned to us at least 48 hours before your consultation.

• We then attend your sleep consultation. This might be in-home, on Skype or over the phone, depending on your circumstances and what you chose. You will be left with The Baby Sleep Co. Sleep Guide which contains all of the relevant information we discuss (and more!) for you to refer to as you implement your sleep plan.

• All in home consultations come with a month free email and/or phone support (fair use policy applies)

How many consultations will I need? 

Most clients only need one in-home visit (phone and Skype consultations can vary) to get their child’s sleeping back on track.  After your consultation you are armed with the knowledge and confidence to put new methods in place and start working towards a better night’s sleep.

Will I receive ongoing support? 

We hate the idea of clients being left alone after their consultation or having to pay for quick follow up tips! Every in-home consultation comes with one month of free email support (fair use policy applies).

I’ve already taken my child to sleep school with no success. What if this sleep training doesn’t work either? 

In our experience this doesn’t happen if the parents are persistent and consistent. The major difference between The Baby Sleep Co. and sleep schools is that we can come to your home where your baby or toddler is familiar with their surrounds and take the time to listen to you on how you want to approach your child sleep problem. Routine forms such an important part of tackling sleeping issues which is why we believe that in-home consultations are the best solution. If you are inconsistent or get disrupted by an unexpected outside factor (like illness or surprise guests) you can use your one month free email and/or phone support to get in touch with us or may like to book a follow-up consultation.