Katie Forsythe - owner of The Baby Sleep Company

Owner & Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Katie is Australia's leading Certified Child Sleep Consultant and has worked with tens of thousands of parents worldwide over the last decade to improve their children's sleep. Katie believes passionately in supporting families not only to find a solution to their child's sleep issues, but also one that they feel comfortable following through with. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to sleep; each family has their story and that story will shape how we move forward towards blissful blessed sleep. As a mother of three children, Katie understands the extreme highs and lows of parenting and is guaranteed to be completely judgement free! She really has seen it all and NOTHING phases her when it comes to current sleep habits. She feels strongly that families should never feel bullied or blamed and cajoled into doing something with their children that they do not feel comfortable with and she is a vocal advocate for vulnerable tired mamas.

Katie lives in Brisbane, Queensland with her three adorable (and well slept!) children.

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Qualified Australian Baby Sleep Consultant

The Baby Sleep Co. is Australia's leading provider of sleep solutions that work best for you and your family. As both a qualified child sleep consultant of almost ten years and a mother to her own three children, Katie brings not only a wealth of professional skills and knowledge but a deeper personal understanding of the many highs and lows that are associated with being a parent. Having been a single working mother of a five, three and a one year old, Katie truly understands how different family dynamics can mean that tailored solutions are necessary. She knows what pure exhaustion, lack of sleep, frustration and helplessness can feel like and understand first hand how easy it is to get overwhelmed while in that state. She also knows how to help you find your way through that to a better night’s sleep and to do so in a way that brings you and your child the most comfort.

80% Mad Sleep Skills 20% Cheerleader

Our goal is to be the understanding ear, the friendly voice and the helping hand that guides you through a sleep process that suits both your family and your child the best. We want you to feel confident that you have a method that you feel comfortable with and are reassured by and mostly one that is going to bring you results without causing you any further stress or discomfort. It won't be easy! No one sits at their baby shower thinking that sleep trianing will be a parenting highlight but sometimes it's the only option to restore calm and rest to a family and if that's the case you will benefit from our depth of experience and supportive relatable help.

Baby Sleep Consultants Who Listen

There are many methods of sleep training out there that can provide great results but we recognise that no one textbook routine may be the best fit for your family. Katie believes in getting to know you, your parenting style and your little one and offering solutions that you are comfortable will fit within your parenting style. Previously a single mother of three small children, Katie has walked thousands of miles in your tired shoes and has seen everything! She is 100% judgement-free with a focus on offering guidance and reassurance where needed and will happily carefully explain a sleep training program that best suits your lifestyle, beliefs and parenting style. While the process may differ from familiy to family the result will be the same – a happy and content baby and a peaceful household enjoying restorative sleep.