Qualified Australian Baby Sleep Consultants

The Baby Sleep Co. is Australia's leading team of dedicated and caring professionals whose aim is to find a sleep solution that works best for you and your family. As both qualified child sleep consultants and mothers to our own precious little people we bring not only a wealth of professional skills and knowledge but a deeper personal understanding and experience of the many highs and lows that are often associated with being a new parent. We know what pure exhaustion, lack of sleep, frustration and helplessness can feel like and understand firsthand how easy it is to get overwhelmed while in that state. We also know how to help you find your way through that to a better night’s sleep and to do so in a way that brings you and your child the most comfort.

Our Accreditations

80% Mad Sleep Skills 20% Cheerleader

Our goal is to be the understanding ear, the quiet voice and the helping hand that guides you through a sleep process that suits both you and your baby the best, one that you feel comfortable with and are reassured by and mostly one that is going to bring you results without causing you any further stress or discomfort. 

Baby Sleep Consultants Who Listen

There are many methods of sleep training out there that can provide great results but we recognise that no one textbook routine may be the best fit for your family. Our team of baby whisperers believe in getting to know you, your parenting style and your little one first before then creating a bespoke sleep routine that you can all be comfortable with. We are judgement-free with a focus on offering guidance and reassurance where needed and will happily introduce you to and work with you on a sleep training program that best suits your lifestyle, belief and parenting style. For while the process may differ the result will be the same – a happy and content baby and parents who are all enjoying a good night’s sleep.