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Based in Brisbane but helping families worldwide, Katie Forsythe is Australia’s leading qualified baby sleep consultant. Tens of thousands of families struggling with their children’s sleep have gained the knowledge and confidence to overcome their sleep issues with just one consultation with The Baby Sleep Company. From newborn to five years of age, you can trust Katie to help your baby sleep in a down to earth completely non-judgemental environment. 

Katie has walked thousands of miles in your tired shoes. Previously a single mother of a five, three and a one year old and having worked with tired families for almost a decade she has literally seen it all and absolutely nothing shocks her. You may think you’re failing your child, you may feel completely alone and incompetent, you may even have scary overwhelming thoughts that you never imagined you would have; all of these are things Katie hears every day in her work and things she remembers thinking herself when she was knee deep in nappies, rejected snacks and Peppa Pig on repeat.

No one sits at their baby shower joyfully imagining this part of parenting. We expect newborns to have trouble napping and sleeping well at night but when our children are 6 months…12 months…toddler and beyond it can be excruciating. You deserve to be the parent you imagined and a good night’s sleep is vital for happy parenting. If your child’s sleep causing you concern, contact The Baby Sleep Company to find out how we can help. 

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What We Do

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At The Baby Sleep Company we understand that to invite someone you don’t know into your home, your life, your world and ask them to help you with something as intimate as sleep training your precious child can be quite daunting. Katie is a trained professional with nearly a decade of experience as Australia's leading baby sleep consultant and not only possesses the necessary qualifications and skills as a baby sleep consultant but who also possess the life experiences and understanding we believe is crucial to provide both genuine down to earth reassurance and support to our sleep-deprived and often emotional clients.

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Who We Are

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There is very little in life that can compare to the pure joy and wonder that is a newborn baby. Indeed, the discovery that one is expecting usually brings with it promises of soft skin, sweet lullabies, infectious giggles and intimate night-time cuddles. For some new parents though, the frequency of those night-time cuddles never eases and before long the many hours spent soothing and trying to get a new little person to sleep will inevitably start to take its toll on any sleep-deprived parent. As a qualified baby sleep consultant, Katie is able to help just about any family in any situation get better sleep.

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How We Help

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Unless you have lived, breathed and fought your way through the deep fog of severe sleep deprivation it is hard to understand just how debilitating and disorientating it can be. Add to that the sea of articles and research that is regularly heaped onto new parents, what with their contradictory lists of dos and don’ts for sleep advice, and it’s not hard to see why for many new parents working out how to get their little ones to sleep can be a task that at times gets all too overwhelming. As a professional baby sleep consultant, Katie cuts through the contradicting advice and misinformation and delivers clear realistic help that you are able to put into action immediately.

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