‘Incredible guidance and support’

I just wanted to thank you so much again for your incredible guidance and support. It has only been 6 nights since the overnight stay, but both myself and the kids have had 5 unbroken nights’ sleep since. I could not in my wildest dreams have expected such amazing results, so quickly, it just seems like a miracle! It has already made an incredible difference to our lives…and specifically to mine,Read More

Sharon - Birkdale, Brisbane
Children were 5 and 3 years of age

‘His sleep patterns improved out of sight’

We contacted Katie when we realised our 5 month old need help settling to sleep and staying asleep! On the first night, his sleep patterns improved out of sight. He went from waking every 2 hours to waking only once a night. We have also noticed an improvement in his day sleeps as well after Katie visited. He is now so easy to settle down for each sleep (helpful when there's a 2 year oldRead More

Sarah - Grange, Brisbane
Baby was 5 months old

‘You're an angel!’

I have been meaning to write to you for some weeks, and I hope you don’t mind that I’m not emailing you to book a consultation, BUT… I need to say thanks. We did a phone consultation quite a few months ago now and I am a ‘friend’ on your Facebook page… Here’s what you have taught me, that just because today wasn’t ‘perfect’ doesn’t mean it wasn’t perfect. It means, my daughter and IRead More

Kerry - Albion Park, New South Wales
Baby was 3 months old (adjusted)

‘Changed our lives for the better’

There comes a time when you realise that you need help, professional tailored, in your house, help, because you've exhausted every method that you could possibly think of to get your child to sleep.Read More

Caroline - Enoggera, Brisbane
Baby was 13 months old

‘What an amazing transformation’

Katie, we're thinking you did actually whisper something into little S's ears when you were here!!! What an amazing transformation. I have to be honest, I'm shocked at how quickly this works. I never imagined.

Carrie - Hendra, Brisbane
Baby was 7 months old

‘We now have a beautiful sleeping baby‘

When we called you we were beside ourselves. Sleep deprivation is a nasty thing! Thanks to you we are having a full night’s sleep again and the day sleeps are heaps better. You gave us the confidence to take the reins back and we now have a beautiful sleeping baby and a much happier household! We loved how real and honest you were and recommend you to everyone we talk to!

Becc - Forest Lake, Brisbane
Baby was 17 weeks old

It really was the best money I have ever spent

By the time I booked in for a consult with Katie my son was 8 months and waking 7 times a night. During the day I'd rock him for an hour & a half to sleep then he'd be awake half an hour lately. I was exhausted, teary and felt really isolated. Katie was understanding, supportive and a life saver for us. Within 3 days my son was sleeping through the night and within 5 days he was sleeping 4 hours inRead More

Rachel - Caboolture, Queensland
Baby was 8 months old

‘Our miracle worker!‘

3 months ago I found myself googling "sleep consultant Brisbane" as our family was sleep deprived and at breaking point. Our 13 month old had only slept through a handful of times and when we went to bed at night we knew it wouldn't be for long and it could involve a midnight walk around house in pram, a 2.30am car ride, multiple cuddles, milk and more milk! If we got more than 3 hoursRead More

Jo & Dale - Murarrie, Brisbane
Baby was 13 months old

‘Your 'realness' is very reassuring‘

Thank you so much Katie. Chatting to you was so refreshing - as I said on the phone, your realness is very reassuring.

Jodie - Mansfield, Brisbane
Child was 21 months old

‘A big thank you to you!‘

A big THANK YOU to you for giving me all the valuable advice. Joan now falls asleep by herself in the cot at 8pm without any struggle. She doesn't wake up at night at all, even if she does it's just a little whimper and she goes back to sleep by herself. I could not be more proud of her. I definitely have better rest at night now. Thank you once again!

Rosalind - Singapore
Child was 20 months old

‘I feel like a completely new person‘

Not sure if I said a massive THANK YOU for helping me with Myka. In my excitement at having a fantastic night's sleep - I overlooked a very important person in helping me get there - YOU!!! Your relaxed and easy going manner helped me feel so much better about helping both Myka andRead More

Melissa - North Lakes, Brisbane
Baby was 13 months old

‘I will be eternally grateful‘

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your soft, loving, caring and gentle advice regarding my 2 year old's night waking – I will be eternally grateful. My daughter is now waking once (rather than up to 9 times) and only takes literally 1 minute toRead More

Amanda - Nudgee, Brisbane
Child was 2 years old

‘You've changed our life’

You've changed our life. Thanks Katie. It's only been 24 hrs but we had 4 naps yesterday. Slept beautifully last night & into our 2nd nap right now. Wowsers it's really simple when you understand the sleep window for a 3 month old.

Skye - Morningside, Brisbane
Baby was 12 weeks old

‘I feel and look 10 years younger’

The minute you walked in the door I felt a great sense of relief. Instantly I liked and trusted you and Aria just loved you. Initially I was a little nervous about having someone in our space. I'm all for hiring help when needed but when it came to my daughters sleep both my husband and I didn't want a screaming and an emotionally upset baby.Read More

Ingrid - Paddington, Brisbane
Baby was 13 months

‘Took the time to explain our options’

Prior to Katie coming into our lives, we were seriously sleep deprived. The night before Katie’s consultation, our 10 month old son had been up 6 times during the night and was sleeping in 1.5-3 hour blocks. I was feeding him to sleep, rocking him when that didn’t work, feeding him while rocking – anything to get him back to sleep. Days were a fog and it felt like we were missing out onRead More

Melita - Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane
Baby was 10 months old

‘You have no idea what a difference it's made to us’

Just wanted to say thank you so much because it was you who talked me round and gave me the motivation and confidence to do it, even if it took me a while! You challenged some of my preconceptions about sleep and gave me the impetus to do something about it and the reassurance I wasn't being a cruel mother! So thank you very very much, you have no idea what a difference it's made to us.

Nicola - Dorset, United Kingdom
Baby was 10 months old

‘You’re exactly what we needed’

I never really imagined having a baby who didn't sleep! I love sleep and thought this would be a genetic trait I would pass down to my baby! When my baby started to sleep through the night at around 7 months, I decided I would go back to work, made all the plans and felt amazing, and then she started to wake again, once, then twice and often three times a night. It's lucky I have anRead More

Kathryn - Darra, Brisbane
Baby was 11 months old

‘Down to earth lovely person’

Truly the best thing we ever did was to contact Katie. After trying everything to help our girl get back on track (she had been the perfect sleeper until she reached 20 months), we made the call and met with Katie. She understood exactly where we were coming from and talked us through a number of changes for us to make to our routine.

Within three nights, our beautiful girl was back to sleeping straight through the night with no dramas and even smiled at me and rolled over when I placed her in her cot, ready for bedtime! To anyone out there who feels like they have run out of ideas to help their little one sleep through the night, call Katie – she is a down to earth lovely person who genuinely cares and will provide you with the confidence and help you need. Thanks so much Katie Read More


Ingrid - Parkinson, Brisbane
Child was 19 months old

‘Real, practical and accurate information‘

First of all, your knowledge is GOLD! I know when we met I wasn't quite looking for sleep training but needed some real, practical and accurate information that would help Charlie (and I) manage the day naps a bit better. Your 'wakeful periods' information has made such a huge difference to him and he is SO much happier during the day because of his sleeps. He is still napping in his swing butRead More

Tracey - Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Baby was 11 weeks old

‘You restored my faith in myself as a mother‘

I have been meaning to sit down and write to you to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for you coming to our home to stay with us and our son. You are so genuine, kind, supportive and have such a passionate interest in the people you meet and help. By having you in our home, you restored my faith in myself as a mother and reassured me that we were doing the very best that we could forRead More

Rachael & Trent - Narangba, Queensland
Baby was 6 months old (adjusted)

‘I have told all my friends how amazing you are‘

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the strength to do something I never thought I would be able to do. I was a broken women when you came and saw me, I never once felt silly to ask you any questions. You have now given me the tools to get my very beautiful but spirited baby to sleep betterRead More

Julie: Yandina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Baby was 8 months old

‘The advice you gave us changed our lives‘

I just wanted to say a huge thank you – the advice you gave us changed our lives. I almost didn’t contact you as I thought to myself that ‘this is my second child, of course I can figure this out’! I was pleased to hear that it was quite normal for you to receive enquires from parents on how to settle their second or third babies. Read More

Carly - Baulkham Hills, Sydney
Baby was 8 months old

‘He is now sleeping through without a peep‘

I just wanted to let you know that your Facebook posts and advice gave me the confidence (and push needed!) to bite the bullet and sleep train my gorgeous 13 month old son to sleep through the night. After only a handful of nights, he is now sleeping through without a peep! It had been 8 months since I'd had a full night's sleep. I hardly know myself! THANK YOU!!!

Natalie - Mt Gravatt, Brisbane
Baby was 13 months old

‘The dark circles under my eyes are fading‘

We have a 2 year old girl, that has NEVER and I repeat NEVER EVER slept through the night since birth. She was waking 3-4 times per night wanting a drink of water. Might I add she was sleeping in the bed with me and my partner too. She has refused to sleep in a cot or a bed since she outgrew her bassinette.Read More

Haley - Forest Lake, Brisbane
Child was 2 years old

‘Super easy to talk to‘

After a rough start to life with reflux and a string of infections of various kinds, our 9-month old son was still habitually waking 3-4 times/night. The flow-on effects of sleep deprivation were really disruptive; we had little energy or patience for work and domestic things, let alone for our 5-yo daughter. After deciding it HAD to stop, we threw some money at the problem and booked a 2-hrRead More

Jodi - Everton Hills, Brisbane
Baby was 9 months old

‘Our lives have been changed for the better!‘

Katie came and saw us just after my little boy's 1st birthday. After over 3 years of sleepless nights (our first didn't sleep through the night until he was two years old), we could no longer accept that bub waking up every 45 minutes - 1 hr was normal. And even though we hoped that by his second birthday his sleep would improve just like our first-born, we couldn't wait another 12 months.Read More

Erin - Indooroopilly, Brisbane
Baby was 12 months old

‘OMG amazing is all I can say‘

Just thought that I'd let you know how everything is going. What can I say....I have no complaints!!!! We went on a week’s holidays as you know, and we decided to ask each place that we stayed at if we could have a cot in the room. It was the best thing we have ever done. Our little J is in bed at 6:30 and wakes up at 6am every day. If he does stir through the night he just goes straight back toRead More

Cassandra - Jimboomba, Queensland
Child was 22 months old

‘By day two we saw amazing results’

I wanted to send a quick email to let you know that thanks to you and your support we are now getting 10 or 11 hours sleep straight through the night. We used your techniques for five days and since then have never looked back. By day two we saw amazing results.

Alison - Bellbird Park, Brisbane
Baby was 6 months old

‘Now I am blessed with unbroken sleep’

I attended your seminar almost 2 months ago and I wanted to say thank you (a million times!!). Since the night of the seminar, until now, my daughter has slept through the night every single night. Literally, no word of a lie, I used to get up to her 2-3 times a night every night, and now I am blessed with unbroken sleep. She rarely cries either both at bed time, or nap time. It is so wonderful to haveRead More

Alicia - Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Baby was 10 months old

‘It was definitely worth contacting Katie‘

At first I was VERY sceptical about paying out money to a 'baby whisperer', but after so many months of little to no sleep, I figured I had nothing to lose. I had a phone appointment with Katie, and right from the word go, she made me feel comfortable and 'not alone'. Katie reassured me on a quite a few things I was worried about with the method I chose, and made me feel like I finally had a Read More

Krystle - Wallangarra, Queensland
Baby was 10 months old

‘You are a lifesaver!‘

Thanks again for all of your help - you are a lifesaver! Just having the reassurance and guidance to re-set the boundaries made all the difference. Your down-to-earth approach and willingness to share your own stories to strike a comparison was so refreshing and extremely helpful. Hopefully now that we are all getting the sleep we need, our plan to add baby no 3 to the mix might finally come toRead More

Katy - Greenslopes, Brisbane
Child was 20 months old

‘I rave about you to everyone!"‘

You are a miracle worker and I rave about you to EVERYONE! It probably took me about a week at the most doing my "technique" & Jordan now seems to be able to settle himself....fingers crossed I'm not jinxing myself.Read More

Danni - Eatons Hill, Brisbane
Baby was 7 months

‘Very down to earth person‘

Before Katie's help, my husband and I were rocking our 9kg 6 month old baby to sleep for every nap, at bedtime and every waking during the night. He was getting very heavy and taking longer and longer (20-30 minutes of rocking) for him to fall asleep. He was also waking anywhere from 3-10 times a night.Read More

Angie - Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane
Baby was 6 months old

‘I will never be able to thank you enough‘

Hi Katie, just letting you know that since our consultation last week Will has taken to his new sleep routine like a champion. He has gone from waking 4, 5 or even 6 times a night, to now sleeping 12 to 13 hours solid. This is something that I thought was never going to happen let alone inside a week.Read More

Dana - Albany Creek, Brisbane
Child was 18 months old

‘Things are so much better now‘

Our 5 month old had decided that sleeping was for babies (other babies) and was getting very little sleep through the day. She would get very cranky in the afternoons and I never had time for myself.Read More

Kate - Teneriffe, Brisbane
Baby was 5 months old

‘No controlled crying’

We can’t speak highly enough of Katie – she has changed our lives! Our 15 month old had had maybe two uninterrupted nights’ sleep since he’d been born, and we’d tried just about everything before we got in touch with Katie. What really impressed us was that Katie clearly listened to what we were saying about Elton’s sleep problems, and what we were comfortable with trying (no

Omar - Red Hill, Brisbane
Baby was 14 months old

‘You are the best!"’

Thank you so very much today! You have given me the confidence to teach my baby that she can sleep on her own. And by using your gentle techniques over the coming months, I know we will get there when she is ready. P.S I succeeded in getting her to sleep in her bed all by myself alreadyRead More

Kelly - Norman Park, Brisbane
Baby was 11 weeks old