Our Baby Sleep Consultations

home rate

In-Home Child
Sleep Consultation

Newborn to 5 years

Our baby whisperer will come to your home anywhere in Brisbane, Ipswich or the Gold Coast to work with you one-on-one in your home – a great way to get all the advice you need to start working on your child's sleep issues. A typical in-home baby sleep consultation will last two hours. We will sit with your family and go through all of the relevant background information before discussing the options that might be best for your child.

Call us on 0457 473 725 to find out more about our in-home baby sleep consultations.

moon rate

In-Home Overnight
Child Sleep Consultation

Newborn to 5 years

Our baby whisperer will come to your home anywhere in Brisbane, Ipswich or the Gold Coast to give you practical tuition in how to settle, establish routine, deal with late night wake ups, stop overnight feeds and work on any other sleep issues your baby, toddler or child may be having. Your baby sleep issues could be significantly improved in under 24 hours...

Call us on 0457 473 725 to discuss whether an overnight stay would be your best option.

 phone rate

Phone or Skype Consultation
with a Baby Sleep Specialist

Newborn to 5 years

A one hour consultation with a baby sleep consultant that will establish a plan of action for getting your baby sleep patterns sorted out for good. We're based in Brisbane but offer phone consultations Australia wide (Skype is also available if that is your preference). You will end the call with an action plan ready to tackle your child's sleep issues.

Call us on 0457 473 725 to book a consultation.

fly rate

Fly-In Child Sleep Consultation
Newborn to 5 years

Our baby whisperers are available to fly anywhere within Australia for in-home baby sleep consultations – you don't have to live in Brisbane, Ipswich or the Gold Coast to benefit from our practical and proven techniques. A minimum of two nights is required for a fly-in consultation. Our baby sleep consultant will stay with you, in your house, for 24 hours a day helping you at every stage of helping your baby's sleep issues. Naps, bedtime, overnight wakings: she'll be there helping you for all of it. Our certified child sleep consultants aren't just baby sleep specialists; they are mums themselves and understand that this is a tough time for most parents. They'll offer practical, empathetic and friendly help to get your baby's sleep patterns back on track.

Call us on 0457 473 725 to discuss your needs.

The Baby Sleep Project - Online Baby Sleep Help

Our world first online Baby Sleep Project will get your baby sleeping. As trusted baby whisperers, we have bundled all of the information you need to start helping your little one sleep better and you can access it immediately. Over 20 videos and 20 e-books and the support you expect from the world's leading baby sleep team. Once you have joined The Baby Sleep Project, you join our community and will be able to clarify anything not covered with our team of qualified baby sleep experts. We offer multiple different sleep guidance techniques so you can choose what suits your family and start to put sleepless nights behind you. The Baby Sleep Project will change your child's sleep forever. 

Click here to read more or join the Baby Sleep Project

Our Techniques for Establishing Good Baby Sleep Patterns

Some baby sleep specialists (or baby whisperers as our clients call us!) specialise in only one technique, often controlled crying. At The Baby Sleep Co. we're qualified in a variety of baby sleep techniques. So you can feel confident that our sleep specialists can help your baby get to sleep and stay asleep without having to sacrifice your parenting style.