I’ve already taken my child to sleep school with no success. What if this sleep training doesn’t work either?

In our experience this doesn't happen if the parents are persistent and consistent. The major difference between The Baby Sleep Co. and sleep schools is that we can come to your home where your baby or toddler is familiar with their surrounds and take the time to listen to you on how you want to approach your child sleep problem. Routine forms such an important part of tackling sleeping issues which is why we believe that in-home consultations are the best solution. If you are inconsistent or get disrupted by an unexpected outside factor (like illness or surprise guests) you can use your one month free email and/or phone support to get in touch with us or may like to book a follow-up consultation.

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Our baby whisperers are the only sleep consultants in Brisbane who will work closely with you to create a customised, personalised and achievable sleep plan to address your family's needs without compromising your parenting values and style.
Together we can:

Help your child learn self-soothing techniques

Have bedtime be calm and loving

Help your child go back to sleep independently throughout the night

Develop a healthy and age appropriate napping routine