How does the sleep consultation process work?

• Upon receiving your enquiry and booking a time for your consultation we will send you an invoice for the full consultation fee. If you would prefer to pay cash, that's fine - you can pay on the day.

• We will then email you a brief questionnaire to get some background information on your child, your family and your situation. This questionnaire needs to be returned to us at least 48 hours before your consultation.

• We then attend your sleep consultation. This might be in-home, on Skype or over the phone, depending on your circumstances and what you chose. You will be left with The Baby Sleep Co. Sleep Guide which contains all of the relevant information we discuss (and more!) for you to refer to as you implement your sleep plan.

• All in home consultations come with a month free email and/or phone support (fair use policy applies)

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Our baby whisperers are the only sleep consultants in Brisbane who will work closely with you to create a customised, personalised and achievable sleep plan to address your family's needs without compromising your parenting values and style.
Together we can:

Help your child learn self-soothing techniques

Have bedtime be calm and loving

Help your child go back to sleep independently throughout the night

Develop a healthy and age appropriate napping routine