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Toddler waking in the night: a case study

Toddler waking in the night: a case study

When Angela first contacted us about her beautiful little girl’s sleeping issue she had hit rock bottom – she even said in her email “I’m ready to admit I’ve hit a dead end. I don’t know where to turn or how to break bad habits...” Little Miss A (pictured) had consistently great naps, she even self settled like a dream of an evening; but it was after she had gone to sleep at night that things got really tricky in their house…

You see, a good night for Miss A was if she ‘only’ woke 3 times overnight – a bad night? Around 10 wake ups overnight and that is no exaggeration. Every time she woke she needed assistance to get back to sleep, mostly by mum or dad getting her a bottle. The night before we got the first email from her desperately tired mama Miss A had needed 4 bottles before the morning. Her poor mama had tried everything she could think of – taking advice from anyone who had something new to offer and trying anything at all that might help. To no avail. She still had a 19 month old whose best stretch of sleep was a mere 4 hours (and that was a MIRACLE!). Most nights the mama was lucky to have 4 hours combined sleep per night. Every. Night. For. Nearly. Two. Years.

I won’t lie – this mama was nervous. She was nervous (as are most of our clients) that she would have the ONE baby that we couldn’t help. I spent time on the phone before she even booked, reassuring her that I was confident we’d be able to help her get her little one sleeping through within a week without using cry-it-out (she said that she did not want to use that technique AND THAT’S FINE!)

We had our in-home baby sleep consultation 10 days ago today. The night that she started her sleep plan she had 9 hours straight sleep.  

I’ll just let you digest that for a moment. Nine hours. Straight. Otherwise known as the sleep of her life. One night into sleep training for her toddler.

Of course people will wonder what wizardry was at play and I’ll be honest...it was controlled crying – responding to your child’s cries to reassure them at intervals that gradually increase. The difference between doing something that Dr Googley says to do and doing it when one of our qualified baby sleep consultants talks you through it is profound to say the least. After a baby sleep consultation we leave confident and empowered mamas ready to overcome their child’s sleep issues. Parents who have had all their questions answered and know that they are doing something they understand properly and are prepared to follow through with and be uber consistent.

It was no fluke though: the next day’s update from Angela reported that Miss A had stirred four times. This email update read: “Now I'm optimistic. She stirred probably 4 separate times last night.... I didn't even get to start my timer, let alone go in to comfort her! She was in bed for 12 hours!!!!” 

This from a mama who put “sleeping 6-8 hours with no bottles” as her sleep training goal before we met!

The next email read: “Only woke at midnight for about 20 mins. Didn't get to start the timer :) Checked on her about 10 mins after she was all quiet.... And went to bed for 6.5 hours J One happy mumma had 8 hours sleep last night!!!

Four days earlier this chronically overtired mother averaged 4 hours sleep per night for almost 2 years. Now she was getting double that in one night! 

It continues…the next night’s email update read “Not a peep for 11 hours”

The next night’s read “OMG 11 hours again.... I was worried last night was when it would all fall apart :)”

Baby A was finally getting the sleep she needed and the whole family was reaping the benefits. 

So here we are 10 days later and the mama who was so anxious about trying sleep training is now saying that her toddler “has been such a good girl during the day and is saying bye to us at night about 5 mins before I was going to put her to bed!” Not only that, but mama says that “in the last week my life has turned around!”

It might all sound too good to be true but it really isn’t. We can do this. We can help you get the sleep your family so desperately needs. You do NOT need to be getting up to a toddler 3-10 times overnight unless there is a medical reason to do so. 

Please reach out to us if you think you’d like to try to get your family’s sleep back on track. We can talk you through your options and support you through the process.


Katie & the baby sleep team xx


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