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Kids Sneaking Into Your Bed?

Kids Sneaking Into Your Bed?
This is such a common problem – I have a lot of people telling me that their kids won't sleep in their own bed and they're constantly coming into their parent's room.  If you don't mind and it works for your family then that's great! However, if you are like many of my clients and feel that everyone would get a better night's sleep if there were no nocturnal bed visitors then the tips below might help you address the issue.
Spend time during the day talking to your child about how important it is that they stay in their own bed. It can help to have them repeat it back to you so that you know they've really heard and understood you.
If you've grown so used to kids sneaking in you should consider putting a bell on your door so you wake up when they're on the move. The best time to reinforce the new plan is when they're in the process of moving rather than when they're already snuggled up with you.

Now the critical part: when your child comes in to your room you need to take them back to their bed every single time. Try to remain calm and loving, yet firm. Keep conversation to a bare minimum (just "You need to stay in your bed. Mummy and Daddy are in their bed and [child's name] needs to stay in his/her bed too"). Don't engage in an argument, don't battle your child - just kindly and firmly lead them back. It could take many many trips so it would be a good idea to start this settling routine on an evening when you don't have work the next day. Remember, the secret to fixing any sleep problem is to be consistent and persistent!

If the musical beds tends to occur in the wee hours of the morning, consider using a wake up clock. These can be great for training a child to stay in their beds until and appropriate hour.
The problem could also be that you've moved your toddler into a big kid's bed too early. They may not be able to understand what 'stay in your bed all night' means. If this is the case, don't think of it as a regression to move them back to the cot - rather, you're helping them learn healthy sleep habits at developmentally appropriate ages.

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