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Dress for the Season: Autumn Edition

Dress for the Season: Autumn Edition
As a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, a question I get asked a lot is ‘what should my baby be wearing to bed at the moment’ and with good reason! A cold baby can be a frequently waking baby and a hot baby is going to be pretty uncomfortable too..... The weather at the moment in Brisbane is in that awkward ‘still humid in the evening but could get colder at 3am’ stage which makes for a bit of a dilemma at bedtime. My rule of thumb is to dress your little one for 3am, not 7pm. Even on a hot night, us adults can find ourselves reaching down to pull the kicked-off sheets back up in the wee hours of the morning so when you’re talking about a baby who can’t pull those covers back on you need to consider this temperature drop.

For babies up to about 6 months I would be sleeping them in either a thick or thin long sleeved suit with a grobag or swaddle. If you choose a Bonds Wondersuit (or similar) I would use a light wrap (eg. muslin) or a 0.5 TOG sleeping bag and if you go with a thinner stretchier style suit you could afford to up the TOG to 1.0. That said, you definitely need to take the room temperature into account – if the room is air-conditioned and you have the thermostat down to around 20-22°C you should definitely consider the 1.0 TOG sleeping bag regardless of what baby is wearing. Remember, they can’t regulate their temperature like we can and they can’t pull a cover over themselves if they’re cold at 3am.



For babies 6 months to 2 years I would definitely be sleeping them in a long sleeve long leg stretchie suit (or light-weight pyjamas) plus a 1.0 TOG sleeping suit.

After about 2 years, lots of mums start reporting that their babies (toddlers!) don’t like being in a sleeping bag anymore and object vehemently. They’re still too young to pull the covers back onto themselves though and if you dress them too lightly you’re going to be worrying all night if they’ve kicked their covers off and are lying shivering in their beds! So dress them warmly – dress them assuming that those covers will come off. Long sleeve long leg cotton flannel pyjamas are best, they aren’t so warm that they’ll overheat your little one but they do keep their skin covered and protect them from that early morning temperature drop.

Once your child has developed the ability to pull the covers up in their sleep (usually between 4-5 years of age) you can just dress them as you would dress yourself, paying particular attention though to the top half of their body. Long sleeves are still a good option here as they often only pull the covers up far enough to cover the lower half of their body.

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