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A Tale of Two Families

A Tale of Two Families
An interesting flow-on effect of being a Certified Children's Sleep Consultant is the sheepish looks you get from people you meet at BBQs or parties when they 'confess' to 'still' feeding their baby through the night at the ripe old age of, say, 9 months "I know she should be sleeping through by now but I honestly don't mind feeding her" they'll say to me. And you know what I think? Great! Go for it! I'm not Miss Sleep Consultant Judgey Pants – do what works for you and your family!

So who needs help addressing their children's sleep habits? Consider these two hypothetical scenarios:

Mother 1 – let's call her Sarah – is a first time mother. Her baby just turned one and still needs to be nursed two times a night. Sarah has just returned to work and is finding it very difficult to maintain the attention span and concentration she needs with night after night of broken sleep. Furthermore, she and her husband would like to start trying for another child soon. Not only does the thought of even more broken sleep fill her with dread but honestly, she's just way too tired to play an active role in the baby-making process (there! I found a G-rated way to say it!) which isn't exactly the biggest turn on for her husband. Like all mums she gets many many unsolicited tips like "feed her more solids before bed", "she should be sleeping through by now" (thanks, yep, duly noted), "you're being too soft" (what kind of tip is that anyway? Thanks for judging!), "just let her cry until she goes back to sleep" and then of course "oh, mine all slept through from four weeks" (seriously?! Go away!).

Sarah doesn't know what to do, she's googled and googled but there's so much conflicting advice she is even more confused than she was before. She would buy a book but doesn't know which one is right for her – they all have happy sleeping babies on the front! Sarah's getting desperate and she doesn't know what to do next. Baby continues to wake up twice a night every night and wont seem to settle without being nursed back to sleep. Her relationship is starting to show some signs of wear and tear. Things are getting desperate!

Mother 2 – let's call her Anne – is also a first time mother. Her baby just turned one and still needs to be nursed two times a night. Anne has no immediate plans to return to full-time work, she runs a small part-time proofreading business from home and can easily get her work done during her baby's nap time. She knows her baby probably could sleep through the night, after all he's on track developmentally and is charting nicely for his growth. Anne's never been a great sleeper anyway so getting up twice to feed her son is fine with her, she's used to having broken sleep anyway. All her friends tell her to enjoy every moment and she's quite happy to continue feeding her son until he sleeps through on his own.

You see where I'm going with this? Two mums, two babies – in both cases the mum is waking two times each night to feed their baby. Only one needs a sleep consultant to come to her house and talk her through some sleep training techniques and show her the best way to implement the one she thinks will fit her family best. Bet you know which one!

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