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101 reasons why your toddler won't sleep tonight

101 reasons why your toddler won't sleep tonight

It's been a long day, you haven't had dinner yet and you still have to pack lunches for tomorrow, deal with Mt Foldmore and, if you're really lucky, watch last week's episode of Parks & Recreation. But before any of that happens you have to accomplish the impossible: getting the toddler to sleep. The Baby Sleep Company proudly presents the definitive list of 101 delay tactics toddlers pull at bedtime. Do you have one you can add?

You didn’t read the digger book

I need the hallway light on

With the door more open

You forgot to give me water

Not in the blue cup! In the Spiderman cup!

You forgot my dummies

I need three!

I want a star dummy

I’m cold

The blanket scratches my neck when you put it so high

I don’t want it covering my feet

The blanket is all foldy

My sheet has a crease

When is Jack going to bed too?

I don’t want to go to sleep wone-wy

I need my crocodile

And the mummy crocodile

And all the toys

I need one more cuddle

Not from you, from Daddy

Where is Grandma?

Is she awake?

When will we go to her house? *sob*

You didn’t give me any dessert!

I need to wee [doesn’t do a wee]

I need my nappy on

I just need to tell you one more thing [launches into very long and boring story]

I’m hot

The fan isn’t ON me

The fan is blowing my face

I need the fan off

I need one more kiss

Not from you, from Mummy

You need to lie with me

I want my favourite blanky

NO! My other favourite blanky!

You washed my blanky now it isn’t my favourite blanky anymore *sob*

You left your shoes in my room!

The shadows are scary

It’s too dark in here

The nightlight is too shiny

My bed is hot but my pillow is cold

I’m itchy

My finger has a skin bit poking up

I need a bandaid

No! A Wiggles bandaid!

I’ve got a great idea for what we can do tomorrow

Can you and Daddy please be more quiet?

Jack won’t stop talking

Can you put my music on?

There is a monster in the heater vent

I can feel the buttons on my jammies when I lie here

My water is too cold now

I can’t get comfy

I’ll have a bad dream

You forgot to kiss me again

I was just playing QUIETLY

It’s not really my bedtime

I want to wait until you go to bed

Can I maybe sleep in your bed?

We forgot to brush my teeth! [we didn’t forget]

[Toddler appears in the living room like a night ninja] What were you guys laughing at?

Can I play with your phone?

Can you take a photo of me?

Can I take a photo of you?

Can I watch a movie on the puter?

I want to say goodnight to the dog

I can’t find my shoes

I have to get my kindy bag ready

Jack is breathing too loud

The wind is too noisy

I can’t find my dummies

It’s not late

I need to do a poo [no poo is produced]

[Toddler shuts eyes for 10 seconds] I had a bad dream

I had a scary thought

My [body part] hurts

I need my Woolworths dominoes in bed with me

My music stopped

I want different music now – the beautiful music

The other beautiful music

It’s too soft, I can’t hear it!

You didn’t sing Twinkle Twinkle yet

My cup is empty

I need another drink

My button came undone

*fake coughing*

I am doing cough-ez

I need medicine

I’m too awake to go to sleep

My belly hurts

I’m going to bom-it

I need to wee [produces world's tiniest wee]

My hair is itchy

Jack is snoring

The shadows outside are moving

Oh! I thought it was morning!

What will I have for breakfast?

My dummies all dropped out of my bed

I heard the baby wake up!

I can hear daddy snoring


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